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Life at PCC

 PrimeCore Contracting focuses on collaborating as one team and creating a family-like environment. On the jobsite we are focused on providing a comprehensive service with the highest level of integrity, honesty, and quality. Off the job site, we put our employees first and are constantly trying to find new ways to bring our team together to create a solid core.

What Our Employees Have To Say

Jared M, Team Member Since 2015

“My favorite thing about working for PrimeCore Contracting is that they have a strong, healthy company culture. I am especially fond of a company who not only verbally speaks their core values, but also lives their core values through their actions – talking the talk and walking the walk. A company where many individuals, if not all individuals, care about you, not only from a professional development standpoint, but also care about you personally – how you are doing outside of work.”

Dave N, Team Member Since 2016

“I like working for Primecore because we are like a family. We have nice equipment, the right tools, and lots of support from management. The owners and management care about the health and welfare of the employees.”

Chris F, Team Member Since 2017

“I like the opportunity for success that the company provides for everyone.”

Elijah M, Team Member Since 2019

“What I like about PCC, is that we all try to work as a cohesive group.”

Perks & Benefits

Some of the things you can expect working at PrimeCore are:

* A close-knit team

* Continuous opportunity to advance your career and reach your goals

* Trainings and certification courses to continue your construction and safety education

Benefits include:

* Competitive compensation based on role and experience

* Medical, dental and vision insurance

* 401K with a company match

Open Positions

Take a look at our open positions below. If you feel you are a good fit, let’s talk. Please reach out via the form at the bottom of the page.

General Laborer

The general laborer’s main duty is to support the operators, foreman and project manager. Daily tasks may vary and include working with various hand tools, cleaning, greasing, and preparing the machines, cleaning the site of all debris, removing site hazards to ensure safety at all times and mixing, pouring, and spreading materials. Laborers may also spend time performing traffic control duties including flagging (upon certification).


A foreman is responsible for ensuring that everything goes smoothly on the jobsite. They are responsible for being the point of contact between the construction workers and supervisors. A few of the main duties of a foreman are coordinating tasks for the day, supervising all onsite team members, working with the supervisors to do takeoffs and serve as the main equipment operator. They are also in charge of providing daily reports to the PrimeCore main office.

Equipment Operator

A heavy equipment operator brings civil development plans to reality. Depending on the job site needs, you may run excavators, dozers, or rollers. You will report to the job site foreman, or potentially develop into a foreman yourself; foreman experience in this position is a plus. Our equipment operators need to work with precision and attention to detail. They must be able to read and understand blueprints for the jobsite and collaborate with their supervisor to make critical decisions daily.

Work with PrimeCore

To apply for a position at PrimeCore Contracting, please download the application by clicking the button below. Then, email your completed application, along with your resume to


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PrimeCore is a woman-owned business.


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As a member of the MBA Health Trust, we are part of one of the state's largest health insurance trusts, allowing us to save money on our insurance costs and pass the savings down to our employees.

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